Mariel & John | E-Session

We had the chance to shoot Mariel & John’s E-Session this past week in this amazing weather! We are so glad there is finally warm weather all around. Makes filming weddings even that much more exciting. We are filming Mariel’s wedding in June, but she was also a winner of our contest that we held a few months ago. She won our first tier of getting at least 50 Likes- which is a free E-Session!

We met up at Lafarge Park in Coquitlam. It was our first time shooting out there and it is quite a nice family park.  Mariel & John were great. They make an adorable couple and worked well with the camera. We had to nudge John to show that great smile of his. He has such a great smile, but always keeps it under wraps for some odd reason! We did get quite a few smiles out of him throughout the day though. We can’t wait to shoot their wedding this June. They’re wedding is taking place in an amazing venue location. It’s going to be great!